A feature of our restaurant is using premium beef from Ishigaki Island where part of Okinawa prefecture. There is Kitauchi Farm. The premium beef is cultivated in great outdoors and relaxing way.

To raise these cows, Kitaichi Farm has been spending time for 40 months as well as it is particular about its feeds, air and drinking water for cows.

For example about feeds for cows, are based on rice strew of 'milky queen' which raise at Kitauchi Farm without any use of pesticides and they make it as special composition.

One of our Ishigaki-Yoshida's concept is to offer healthy steaks.

Our Kitauchi premium beef's taste have great deep flavor 'Umami'. You can feel and enjoy full flavored but with mellow and gentle taste!

石垣黒毛和牛 ワイン